The aim is to bridge the many different elements that make up the music world and to create a full service from recording to video and website. Creating professional media without huge price tags.

The studio benefits from a collection of over 30 guitars, basses, various amplifiers, microphones to suit all voices, percussion and other instruments. Something from every decade and every genre of music from the 1930s onwards. A 1935 Dobro Resonator guitar to a 1967 electric Sitar. A 1962 B3 Hammond Organ with Leslie Rotary Speaker and most recently some orchestral timpani! – see “Studio & Gear” menu for the list . . . .

Muddy Road Studios has some amazing facilities and there’s accommodation for those that want a residential option. So a great option for bands and artists that want to book the whole place for pre-tour preparation and rehearsal or recording a whole album. (Bare studio hire also available.)

“Muddy Road Revues” and “Muddy Road presents . . “

Evenings where bands/artists can host events at Muddy Road by inviting fans, friends and family to their gig whilst being recorded and videoed. Ticket prices could include food and drink and would ultimately cover the band/artists’ studio costs. An innovative way for artists to subsidise the costs of producing a showcase reel that they can use for promotional purposes. Think crowdfunding!
Call for more information or to arrange your Muddy Road Revue.