Owner of Muddy Road Studios

Having played in bands and as a song-writing/recording artist, I can empathise with artists and creative people. If asked, I enjoy helping others, from nurturing a few chords into a completed song, creating, writing, linking snippets of ideas into something that someone can be proud of.
Originally an analogue kind of guy, I now have one of the best Digital recording desks available with a fantastic new Audient Heritage Analogue console.

With Muddy Road Studios, my aim is to provide a “One Stop Shop” to help others through all of the many obstacles that one has to get over. I would not call myself a manager and there are many ways to make a cup of tea (more pc than skinning cats!) but I can share my own experience. Whilst I know about recording and producing music, it is becoming just as important to have video footage for people to view. I have been collaborating with Bridgwater and Taunton College to build up some work experience hours for students by doing some filming of local bands on stage at Muddy Road Studios and can offer this as a cost effective optional extra.